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Great minds think alike, I am also planning to message Thunderpeel a bucketload of additions to both his Last Crusade and Fate of Atlantis guides, including a pointlist for FOA. I did that years ago but didn't get any reply, Zaarin told me the problem is every emails address ending with, including, don't work anymore since the 2004 server crash or something, and that I would have more chances contacting him through the forum instead of his @mixnmojo email addresses. So I spend the last month digging more stuff from the games, both for the Secret History and Thunderpeel's Guides. I'll sent him this stuff in a couple days, probably. If you didn't get any reply it could be because you sent it to those bogus email addresses.

I want to verify one thing if you can help me: Your pointlist say you get 7 IQ points to activate jail robot while Fritz is unconscious and I have another pointlist saying you get 7 IQ points for beating Fritz in a fight, which pointlist is correct? Because if you don't get points for beating Fritz, that would mean the maximum Current score you can achieve is:
Team: 628 points
Wits: 634 points
Fists: 617 points
Instead of 635, 641 and 624 points.
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