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Originally Posted by Ducklord View Post
I've just received a reply from Thunderpeel, so I'm going to give him a link to this thread. About Fritz - you get 7 points for activating the statue while he's patrolling, and 7 points for activating the statue after beating him in a fistfight. So while you do have to beat him to get the maximum total score, you can get the maximum current score without beating him.
Amazing stuff! It's brilliant that you've categorized all of the IQ points instead of just listing them, too. Makes it a lot (LOT) more helpful than just reading a list.

Blueskirt: Really sorry to hear that you sent me a load of stuff that I never got. It's another reason why I should update the guide, I guess. Who knows what excellent stuff I've missed out on the over the years :/

I'll PM you with my email address!

- Johnny

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