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Good news: I've tryed your package and it's damn good!!!
The only thing that isn't as I wanted is absorb, but probably it's my fault because I explained myself bad...
The way that I thought for absorb is:
1)you are standing on the floor (without walk or run); you activate the absorb power; your player does a little animation (for example the push one) and while he's doing the animation the saber turns off; if you deactivate absorb or if you run out of force, the saber turns on and the player animates for returning in his original stance; if you start walking/running the saber automatically turns on.
2)you are moving around (maybe fighting with someone, who knows?) so you're walking/running; you activate absorb and all work as the game would work if there isn't any mod: as the original game.

Now, for the animations part there is no problem because I can do it; for the code part I depend on you (because even if I started looking in programming in C#, I don't learn enaught yet and now that sadly I've started to go to school , it is going to be more difficult); I don't even totally understand how to compile your code excetera ...
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