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Chapter 1: Loss, of a loved one.

In her quarters, Vaeda stayed for three lonely days. She longed to see her brother, and his smiling face. She was very happy for him. And deep down inside, she knew her parents would be to, had they still been alive. Master Fulay had adopted them as children of five and three years of age. He was like a father to them. He wanted no more than to see them become more powerful than he was.

At that moment, Janoon Fulay walked through the door. Vaeda noticed a disturbing look upon his face. He was ripe, with bad news…

“Master, where is Kota? I would surely like to speak with him.”

Fulay cleared his throat, followed by a hard swallow. Tension was in the room, clearly.

“This is not easy for me to say, Vaeda, because I too loved your brother. I would have gave my life for him. I was not there to honor my word.”

“What is it, master? Please tell me what’s wrong?…”

Vaeda saw Tears begin to form in her masters eyes.

“Vaeda, your um… Brother, perished in a speeder accident. I’m terribly sorry…”

At the same time, they both began to cry. Vaeda was devastated. She lay her head on Fulay’s shoulder, in hope of some comfort. Her brother was dead, and there was nothing she could do about it. Why couldn’t fate have taken her life instead of Kota’s. She left master Fulay and returned to her room. She lay on the bed, pillows over he head. She began to feel sick. She felt something odd, she had never experienced before. Suddenly, she began to drift asleep.

Nightmares of Kota’s death tortured her all night long. She felt hatred against master Fulay for not letting her go with Kota. She felt as though she could have prevented it. “No! I can not let this happen between me and master Fulay. It’s not the Jedi way.” Vaeda left her room to find Fulay in the kitchen.


“Yes Vaeda?”

“What should I do about my feelings?”

“I would suggest meditation. It works for most Jedi.”

“Thank you master.”

Vaeda returned to her room. She sat down in the middle of the floor, and begin to meditate. She felt an inner voice.


“Who is it? Kota?”

“Stay focused Vaeda. Don’t let me get in the way of your training.”

“Kota? Kota! Come back, don’t leave me….”

A loud bang from above awoke her. She ran strait to master Fulay, and explained the vision she just had.

“You must listen to your brother, Vaeda. Remember what I said about you and Kota. How the only reason he tested before you was because he was wiser with the force, and older?”

“Yes, master. I remember.”

“Just remember that. I can sense that you are struggling. Your mind is filed with jealousy, sorrow, and even anger and hate. Do not let these feelings cloud your judgment.”

“I try not to master, but it is easier said than done.”

“I know my dear. But that is why we are Jedi, so that we can learn to deal with these feelings. Now would you like some breakfast?”


At the table, Vaeda was still suffering from her disturbing vision.

“Ah, I still feel the anger and now confusion in you. Easy Vaeda, it was not yours nor my fault. You cannot change destiny. There is something you can learn from this. Do you know what it is?

“No master, what?”

“When I told Kota to go meditate on his decision, he did not listen. He jumped out his window to go to a pod racing match. I know this because I followed him. If I had know his poor choice would have cost him his life, I would have never let him go. You must take to thought what I have just told you. Now finish your meal and will head down to continue with your training.”

“I will learn from his mistakes master.”

“I know you will, little Vaeda.”

On there way down to the training grounds, master Fulay wanted to stop by the council to explain what had happened. She was told to wait outside the door, but Vaeda could not resist but to listen in by the door on the conversation.

“Well Fulay, if what you have said is true, then you are a fool. How could you possibly let this padawan take the trials if you had scene his disobedience first hand?”

Vaeda recognized this stern voice. Jedi Master Mace Windu, one of the most powerful beings that ever lived.

“Be hard on him, you should not. This boys death, help someone in the future, it will.”

She also knew this one. Master Yoda… The most kind and wise person you would ever meet.

“Thank you, masters…”

Master Fulay returned to Vaeda, with another frown on his face. He some how managed to bring it to a smile though.

“Ready to train, Vaeda?”

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