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Star Destroyer

I will admit it was difficult my first time, however I have since beat it on Apprentice, Warrior, and Sith Lord. The trick is to stand behind one of the pillar type things to block incoming TIE blasters, and right when the TIE is almost over your head , jump facing the fighter and just tap your force lightning. They will blow up with even the smallest hit of lightning. Repeat this as fast as possible for all fighters then get back to pulling the Star Destroyer down ASAP before it has a chance to rotate back to where it was. Force grip it and move the sticks in the shown direction and when they go green keep tapping the sticks to keep it in green. 2 to 3 seconds of green gets you to the pull down arrows. Then pull that bastard down when the sticks show arrows downward. Keep pulling down until the first TIE of next incoming squadron fires at you, then dash back to cover behind pillar and get right to taking out the TIE's on their first pass. I can clear all the TIE's in 2 of their passes, Star Destroyer barely moves back to where it was and I'm pulling it down again. Speed is of the essence. Faster you take out ties, the less times you will have to repeat the sequence in the end. So anyway, game is not bugged at all, it's supposed to be difficult, it's a freakin star destroyer! Hope this helps you guys. Just wait until you gotta fight Vader and/or Emperor! Star Destroyer is easy compared to that.
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