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I don't recall giving permission for this. I do recall two PM's in a row a few days ago to which I didn't answer. Yes you did PM me but you never got an answer so the right thing to do would be to have asked again and if you still received no answer then you probably shouldn't have released the mod. I am a little insulted that you didn't have enough respect to wait. I should probably demand that this be removed ASAP.

But you know I'm not going to do that. I was uncertain if I wanted to give permission as I don't like your reskin. I spent two months working on the original. This was my first real model and skin that I made from nothing so it does hold some sentimental value and pride for me.

However I'm in a slightly apathetic mood today so I will let this slip. I would however like you to read the readme from my mod. Modding is about having fun and making the game more enjoyable. I hope that next time when you decide to mod someone elses mod that you actually first gain permission.

Terms of use:

You have the right to use my mod for your own personal use and alter the contents anyway you see fit. HOWEVER if you would like to include any contents of my mod with your own mods you must first request permission from me and when it's given all I desire is credit where its due.
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