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I used to be huge into fan-stuff... looking back I'm half-ashamed and half-impressed.


Been a long road, started working on a really idiotic fanfic project (bet with brother to see who can write the worst crossover fanfic, will let you know about that later.) so I give you a clipshow of the best of my fanstuff, that I barely recall and deep down know I can never do better then despite now living like, three years in the future.


I made no good fanart. Don't lie to me or yourself, except for this, which was on Double Fine's website (which, holy ****, my fanart was on a corporate website, a site that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SEE.) but other than that I am not proud of my fanart and thus will not post it (though I know you can find it, though I'd prefer you not mention it.)


Only one, not bad, certainly better than anything else I've written.

This is it... I like my motives, love the opening rant where I explain how most fanfiction BLOWS.

Just a final thread to get some last blood pumping through this sub-sub-forum I have abandoned since that RP where I acted like Ness, which in retrospect was more fine writing I was behind, but still not really something I'm proud of.

...I don't like to look at my work unless it's good... which it typically isn't.

I'm done putting links in my signature because every time I do it just links to some old crap I've long since stopped updating.
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