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Retcons in TFU?

(Spoilers inside)I'm fairly certain there are a few in this game. (Note, I play the Wii version, so, when you look upon my list, there might be some differences.)
1) Anakin's lightsaber
Remember the first star wars movie, A New Hope? Old Ben gives Luke Anakin's lightsaber, which he salvaged after their fierce duel on Mustafar. Who remembers that? *everyone raises hand.* Good. Now, on the last level, The Death Star, in "Area 2" (as my guide defines it), there is a room which you can blast open, which contains Anakin's lightsaber hilt.

2) Vader and his fear of Lightning
Ok, so its not really a phobia, but, its his inability to use it. The reason you never see Vader using lightning is because:
1) He needs organic parts to use it
2) Lightning would fry his systems, as shown in RotJ.
Now, in your fight with Vader, during a Force Lock, Vader is seen using Lightning against you, and, doesn't harm him one bit. (Except when you win, but, thats a different story)

If you can find any more, please state them.
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