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Originally Posted by Kouen View Post
How on earth did that '(x86)' get in your Program Files folder name? Windows Vista doesn't do that, it uses the standard 'Program Files' designation....
It's 64 bit Vista specific: the "Program Files(x86)" folder is where 32 bit applications are stores as opposed to "Program Files" for 64 bit applications. I guess when programs are started from the x86 location, Vista enters some compatibility mode or something, but I'm not sure.

BTW, I'd suggest this fix instead:
cd %~d0%~p0
start jamp.exe +set fs_game ojpenhanced
The magic symbols "%~d0%~p0" are expanded by the shell to the folder the batch file is stored in, so you gotta put it into your GameData folder (and then create a shortcut to your Desktop/Program Menu/QuickStart Menu/whatever).
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