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Actually, there is. It's a view that the Jedi opposed called the Potentium. Here's a link to an article on the Force, and it has a whole section on it.
First off, there is no gray side. There's [the] light and dark [sides], with their own powers and specific emotions related to them. Nowhere does that article (or any Star Wars material, canon or non-canon) mention a "gray side". Furthermore, nowhere is Potentium called the "gray philosophy".

I am familiar with the Potentium. It's incorrect. Which is a pity, because I find the idea far more interesting than Light/Dark Sides, neither of which really ever made any sense. It's out-and-out stated to be a corrupting path by 'Path of the Jedi'. I find that to be a load of crap, but it's canon.
If I may quote someone else on this:

Originally Posted by Tanqexe
The Potentium heresy is heresy for a reason. Channeling the Dark Side ultimately corrupts you. It's incompatible with the Light Side. Palpatine used the Potentium heresy to attempt to lure Anakin in Ep III (the scene where Anakin tells Palpatine that Obi-Wan's engaged Grievous). Vergere, a fallen Jedi who came under instruction of Palpatine, used the Potentium heresy to lure Jacen, who ultimately fell to the Dark Side, believing he could master both sides. Yoda hunted down Potentium heretics at some point because of the danger of the Potentium theory in luring people to the Dark Side. Looking further back, there were the examples of Ulic Qel-Droma, Kreia, and even Revan.
The Potentium isn't even a philosophy. It's just a bunch of in-universe characters splitting hairs about evil being within people instead of the Force (like that makes any difference) so the authors can ignore the corrupting effects that the dark side has demonstrated pretty much since the beginning, and allow Jedi to use Force lightning (for example) in their writing. Potentium doesn't add anything new to the story as people seem to think it would. Worse yet, Potentium has (as Endorenna, along with numerous other people have demonstrated) given birth to numerous unsupported fanon theories about the Force having a third side instead of just two, a concept which Potentium never even hints at.

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