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Chapter 3: Hate’s Grip.

Vaeda arose early the next morning to begin her journey with master Fulay to the site of her brothers death.


“Yes, Vaeda?”

“I deeply appreciate you coming with me.”

“Like I said, Vaeda. Your still my little girl.”

They both laughed. Fulay was a kind person. Vaeda felt as though he would never leave her side, she liked that.

“Shall we pack a lunch, master?”

“Why not? Perhaps we can find a nice place to enjoy it in this blasted city…”

“Are there really areas of vegetation on roof top, like you told me…and Kota…”

“Yes, Vaeda, there are. C’mon now, don’t let Kota get in the way of our fun.”

“I shall try not to, but it is hard.”

“I know, I have witnessed it first hand.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I was around your age, I lost my sister to a weequay smuggler back on my home planet of Ryloth.”

“How come you have never spoke of this before, master?”

“I suppose because it saddens me.”

“Kota’s death saddens me as well. But I feel much better when I spill my feeling with a dear friend.”

Fulay smiled, he knew she was right…

Vaeda and Fulay left right before noon. Vaeda was eager to leave the temple, not often did she get to. They flagged down a taxi. It took around an hour to reach there destination. Vaeda knew this was the place. The ground was scared with burn marks. There was still some pieces of the speeders on the ground. Vaeda felt her heart get heavy. Fulay stepped out of the taxi, took a few steps and stopped. He realized Vaeda wasn’t behind him.

“Vaeda, are you coming?”

“I cant do it master, I just cant do it. It makes me sick to be hear.”

“I know it’s hard but you must, the council suggested it.”


“Yes? What is it?”

“I feel….hatred inside me.”
Fulay cleared his throat. He had hoped Vaeda would not come to this. He feared for her what had consumed many jedi before her.

“Ignore it Vaeda it’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t feel like nothing.”

“Well it is nothing, now come on.”

“Yes master.”

They sat down near the side of the street, had there lunch, and meditated. After about an hour they decided to stop. They gathered there thing and proceeded to leave. This time, Fulay phoned a republic transport. They always made special efforts to help jedi.

“All ready Vaeda?”

“Yes master.”

“Did you see anything in a vision, or hear a whisper in your ear?”

“No. I plan on meditating for awhile when we return.”

“Very good. You are learning more and more patience, and becoming an excellent student.”

Upon arrival back at the temple, they were greeted by master Windu, and Yoda.

“Did you find anything, any answers to your confusion?”

“No sir.”

“Meditate longer, you must.”

“Yes sir, I had planned to.”
“Then perhaps you should go do it, now.”

“Yes master, thank you. Come Vaeda, lets go.”

“Yes master.”

Vaeda went to her room silently. She felt the hatred boiling inside her, ready to burst. For some reason, it felt….good. “What is wrong with me?” she thought to herself. “Have I done something wrong, and now I paying for it..?”
She then went to bed.

She awoke during the late hours of the night. A voice, and dark sounding voice laugh in her ear. “Who’s there? Master Fulay? Is that you?” It did not stop. She screamed “Master!” Fulay came running into her room.

“What is it child?”

“I...I had another nightmare.”

“About Kota?”

“No, I mean Yes. About Kota, master.”

“You are troubled, are you not?”

“Yes master, I am. Master, If you don’t mind I would like to have a private conversation with master Yoda. I feel like he may be the only one who can help me.”

“Help you from what?”

“My nightmares.”

She spoke before thinking.

“Very well then. I shall arrange for it first thing in the morning.”

“Thank you master.”

Vaeda knew she had lied to her own master. It felt bad, yet deep down inside it felt almost good. She went back to sleep hoping tomorrow would be different.

Later the next morning, Vaeda arrived at the councils chambers. She entered, scared that master Fulay had stayed outside.

“Talk with this young one alone, I must.”

The room emptied. Yoda got up off his chair and sat in the middle of the floor, right in front of Vaeda.

“Sit down young one.”

She sat, no longer scared, for that peace that came over one when speaking with master Yoda had captured her.

“Tell me what troubles you, you must.”

“Oh master, I have many things to tell, and you are the only one I feel I can speak with.”

“Yes yes, go on.”

“Last night, I awoke to an evil voice laughing in my ear. I have also been feeling lots of hatred inside of me. And for some reason, it feel…good.”

“Ah, clouded your mind is. You are being attacked by the dark side. Let it take you, you must not.”

“I try master but it is not easy.”

“Tell me who your hatred is against, you must.”

“Dare I say it master?”

“Go away by itself, this problem will not.”

“It is towards master Fulay.”

“Ahhhh, feared this I did. What is you hatred toward him for.”

“He told me right before he spoke Kota’s death, he would have gave his life for him, if only had been there to honor his word.”

“Hold him accountable for your brother’s death ,do you.?”

“I feel that way, even though I no it’s not true.”

“To solve your problem, stay away from your master you must. Find you a private room, I will. Meditate while you are there, you must.”

“I suppose that mite help, master.”

“Only if you let it, will it help.”

Yoda called back in the masters. He told them that he felt it best for Vaeda to spend time by herself, meditating. They agreed. So for the next two days she was to be by herself.

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