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Star Wars: Evil Transformation


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“Patience, young one. Your turn will soon come.”

“It’s not fair! I beat Kota in every duel!”

“It is not always about ones skills with a light saber. Kota has far more knowledge of the force than you. He is ready to face the trials, you however, are not. Go back to your studies.”

Vaeda try to calm her mind. The Jedi did not show jealousy. Master Fulay had told her and her brother that jealousy was a trap of the dark side. That she was to show no emotion. Yet she still felt as though she could not grasp this principle. The Jedi had a code, by which she was to always follow. It was to never lead her astray.

“Master, I see no reason why Vaeda should not get to take the test along side me. She is truly gifted, and what she says is true. I can’t seem to beat her.”

“I know she is gifted, Kota. I also admire your sticking up for your little sister.”

“Please Master, listen to him. I want to become a knight so bad.”

“Vaeda, all padawans aspire to become Jedi knights some day. It is no more than normal for you to feel this way, but you should not be jealous of your brother. He is a few years older than you.”

“I know he is master but..”

“That is enough, Vaeda. Come along Kota, the council awaits us.”

“Goodbye, Vaeda…wish me luck.”

“Goodbye Kota…I will.”

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