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Chapter 4: Betrayal

The days came and went as Vaeda meditated night and day, hoping to find some answers. She had not missed her training, or master Fulay. It felt good to have some time alone. Everything she could ever wont was provided in excess. She wondered if this was how normal people lived. There had been days were she longed for a normal life. She knew it could never be…
She let those dreams go, and the fire inside her to become a Jedi
Knight grew. She wanted to fulfill her destiny, and nothing was going to stand in her way…she thought. Kota’s death had brought her progression to a halt. The disturbing dreams troubled her. But finally she felt some peace…

On the last day of her retreat, the door rang around mid afternoon.

“Come in.”

Master Yoda stepped through the door.

“Hello youngling.”

“Greetings master Yoda.”

“Found the answers you are looking for, have you?”

“Yes master.”

“Good. Time to go back to Jedi life, it is.”

“I look forward to being back with master Fulay.”

Master Fulay was waiting for her in there quarters, arms open wide. They hugged and exchanged greetings. Fulay explained how he had missed her, and how she was going to need to work extra hard in training to catch back up. She laughed. It had been fun and peaceful, but still a bit lonely staying by herself.

“I missed you very much, Vaeda.”

“I’m sorry I had to leave, but… I was having some problems.”

“I know child, I am not mad at you.”



“I wish to go to the senate, and ask some questions.”

“Why would you won’t to do that?”

“For personal reasons.”
“I am sorry , Vaeda, but the council are the only Jedi aloud to speak with, or see the senate.”

“I see. I suppose it is not meant to be.”

“Vaeda, are you feeling alright? You’re acting strange.”

“I’m fine master. Don’t trouble yourself with my feelings.”

Fulay could sense something was not right. Vaeda left and went to her room. He made a mistake, and let it go.

That night Vaeda woke up. She knew what she must do, got into her robe, and left. She went to a landing platform and boarded a public transportation vessel. She got off at a club and walked down a few yards and entered a dark alley, and stood. A voice spoke from shadow.

“Darth Andros?”

“Yes my master…”

“You know what is to be done.”

“Yes master, I shall not fail you.”

“Good. Together we can rule the galaxy!”

Vaeda returned to the temple. She enter Fulay’s room.

“Vaeda? Is that you. Is something wrong…Vaeda?”

She turned on her lightsaber and raised it to his throat.

“Vaeda! What are you doing…?”

“You let Kota die. You weren’t there to honor your word.”

“I had no idea he would wreck…please stop.. no, no Vaeda!”

“Now its your turn… Goodbye, master…”

A communicator rang.

“Have you finished your duty?”

“It is done, master…”


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