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Star Wars Pocketmodels TCG

Who here has Star Wars Pocketmodels?
**I just started collecting these things. I just think they are cool! I had just recently bought the Force Unleashed Collector's Tin that comes with The Rogue Shadow, a Felucian Rancor with Felucian Warrior Rider, and the Bull Rancor.

How many do you have?
**I have as of right now, 157 models. I do have all 60 Order 66 cards, and alot of The Clone Wars cards. I do have a small count of other random cards.

What is your best way of keeping them stored away?
**I store mine away in some clear carry cases (they were meant for Hot Wheels or other small toy cars). I have to use a trading card collectors case for my big models.

Where is the best place/s you have found/bought Pocketmodels?
**I have gotten all of mine at Walmart. I haven't seen them in any other stores around here, not even in the shopping mall!

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