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Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part V: The Threefold War

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A small convoy of Imperial Transports came out of hyperspace near Amshrey, and almost immediately began releasing both troop and vehicle carriers. As they descended, a Jedi Transport also made its way down to the planet, carrying Kalla Kaltas and her Master, Reyvan Skyrider. From his fortress on Bastion, Darth Virul opened a comm with his former apprentice Dar Bodonawieedo, who was leading the attack. "Begin immediately. Everything is going according to plan." He told him. As Kalla stepped out of the shuttle, she made some quick observations about the Imperial forces. "Master, something seems odd about this attack. They're far too few in number to successfully invade, and they're making no attempt to hold any terrain they cross." She pointed out to her Master and uncle.

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