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Lore pulled out of Hyperspace over the planet of Amshrey, the tiny ship shaking as it hit debris from a space battle overhead. Merios was sitting in the pilot seat, comm set attached to his forehead and both hands firmly placed on the controls. There was no way he was going to survive this. He came here for a routine refueling- not to be swept up in some type of battle. A massive tremor shook through his ship, a loud wailing coming from the alarm system alerted him to hull damage. His comm system had been broken for some time and he meant to fix it- he never got around to it.

"I've got to get to the planet.. "

A few beeps and whistles came from an archaic protocol droid that was jacked into the wall behind him.

"Fire up the rear shields and engage the thrusters at full power. We're headed in hot. It seems we're not going to get a proper welcome. And, by the way it looks, we're not going to get out of here without a fight. Might as well get to a safe place and re-"

He was cut off by another blaster shot striking the left side of his ship, rocking it in place. He quickly pulled up on the controls and engaged the thrusters, soaring towards the planet, speeding past the massive blockade of foreign ships.

"Where are those shields, H7?!"

A flash of red appeared around his ship. He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating, letting go of the controls. The ship shook for a moment and began to steady itself. Merios leaned back in his pilots chair and relaxed, crossing his arms and legs, tuning his mind into the Force. Small objects around him began to float and encircle him, bouncing off small attached objects around the console. The ship seemed to guide itself down, massive lasers from attacking ships passing by his ship by mere inches. He was using a type of skill once thought extinct- Battle Meditation. He had learned it on his own; he had to, Jedi were hated creatures- he had to figure out some way to get him out of tight situations.

As the ship entered the atmosphere, it began to shake uncontrollably, but the shield around it protected it from immediate heat damage. Seconds later, it broke the atmosphere, gliding down towards the planet. He opened his eyes, creating a chain reaction of a number of items crashing to the ground. Troops and ships were soaring past everywhere. He couldn't get involved- not yet. He couldn't land in occupied space, so he had to make sure to land somewhere off to the side- hidden from view. He grasped the controls and guided his ship towards the side of a small cliff. He expertly situated it and landed it rather roughly, grinding a few feet into the dirt. He sighed and let go of the controls, reaching up and flipping off a few switches above him as he unstrapped his harness.

He stood up, looking to his droid.

"Look over the ship, will'ya? I'm going to head out to see what's happening."

A series of beeps and whirrs came from the machine.

"Don't worry- I'll be fine. Keep an eye on the perimeter, I'd rather not have scavengers tear my ship to shreads."

He walked a few feet and grasped the hood of his robe from the back of his chair. He slid it over his body, sliding into it and flipping the hood up. His left hand lifted to his left side, his palm outward. Within moments, a crimson, intricately designed light saber floated to his hand rather quickly. He slid it into it's clasp and closed his robe, walking to the exit ramp. He read a small readout on the side that stated the atmosphere was breathable. He breathed a sigh of relief and opened the doors, stepping out and letting it close behind him. It was a small ship, so there wasn't any need for a large ramp.

He planted two feet onto the dirt and sighed, raising his head, the sun glaring off of his horizontal tattoo on his face.

"I.. Sense a disturbance in the Force.."
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