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Amshrey, the forest world and the Mandalorian world as well. It had been some time but Andros would have a chance to return. Right now he was escorting his cousin, the Lady Governor of the system Avalon and her adopted daughter to the planet. The other worlds, while capable of defending her, Amshrey was a young planet and their Mandalorian ancestors and Shreyite armies were formidable. The history in the archives proved it.
Andros walked to inform the governor when he came upon them in their quarters. He gave a cursory look at Andorra, aware that something was different about her and that she was afraid, not of the war but of something else. He cleared his throat and announce, "My lady, we are on final approach to Amshrey," and when he say the look on his cousin's face, "It is for the best my lady. Tiye and Selene are most capable."

Two years of war and not enough time to train. Jun-la thought to herself as she and Matton landed the ship. It had been two years since the discovery of the data sphere that told of the three against three or rather the Children of the Jedi. In reality it would be six against three but as she said 'Two works as one.' She glanced at the man beside her, her heart racing for a split second before turning her attending to the comm signals.
Matton had not been as receptive of his 'newfound' family as the boy Tonatius who was with Tulre in the garage, servicing a rather beat up astromech called R4-D4. Her padawan ANdros would be meditating or practicing saber techniques. He was good with a blaster and his wit but he was no Jedi. Yet the Jedi princess beside him was insistent that he was a Jedi, well a son of a Jedi. To top things off she and her brother took it upon themselves to teach him and Tonatius how to work as one. As if they were twins. They did the same with that Jedi Twi'lek and his daughter but their training was interrupted as they were needed elsewhere.
It hadn't sat well with Jun-la but she accepted it with a maddening sense of calm that made Matton all the more want to bait her. The fact that she was attractive and her beauty drove him nuts didn't matter. He was forced to fly this ancient crate since they were the only two decent pilots. He asked, "We find them yet?"
"Picked up two signals. Jedi."
"Then it must be them. They are the only two who came here for the welcoming committee. Give em a call so we can burn sky," Matton gave a grin.
Jun-la didn't respond to the obvious barb and did exactly what he said by flipping the comm to Kalla Komad's and said, "You're a hard person to find. How goes the welcome wagon?"

Andros Kaltas had not been Jun-la's padawan for long yet he already picked up that she was not a conventional Jedi Master. She asked that he listen, watch and learn, the traditional learning methods of Avalonian children. He did his best especially when she went on diplomatic affairs and when she was teaching the other two how to be one. OF course she spent time with him but he got the feeling that whatever she did was to be taken as a lesson. She had already shown him the air-bender techniques along with fighting stances that were traditionally Bushida.
Now as they were approaching Amshrey, he was meditating but couldn't concentrate. Instead he went to the garage where Tulre and Tonatius were working on the astromech that had accompanied them since day one. He sat to watch and learn when Tulre noticed him and beckoned him to come over. He said, "You seem to follow my sister's teachings well."
"Listen, watch and learn," Andros repeated, not sure if it was a compliment or what.
"Yes," Tulre replied, his blue eyes looking at the boy. His father said that he looked like his grandfather, a general during the Clone Wars and that he had the same way of looking at things that needed a close inspection. "The Avalonian way. Do you understand it?"
"A little but then I remember the part of the rule that the padawan doesn't directly ask the master. The decision to share knowledge must be weighed carefully. I don't ask. I listen and she has explained," Andros replied feeling more comfortable.
"True. We were taught this way and now she teaches you in the same way. The Jedi of Coruscant don't always understand but they trust. Even though she thought it would be dangerous to bring you with us, she felt and thought that you would learn from it."
"We know war very well," Tonatius spoke for the first time, "and we wish that others never know it but when it comes, we do our best to give knowledge and truth."
Andros nodded in slight understanding. He knew that even if he lived amongst Avalonians, he would never be a part of them in terms of what they know from birth to the day they die. "Then I will watch and learn."
Tulre nodded and then gave a great laugh. Tonatius was slightly scowling but amused as well. Tulre then said, "Looks like you will learn that she is not as meek as she appears."

Tyrannus came into the fortress, ignoring the guards. Any who tried to stop him were cut down or strangled. He entered the main chamber where the creature Virul was. He said, "You are making a mistake you fool. He does not like suprises."

((A bit long I know but getting off to a start. I guess I will play Andros Kaltas unless someone else decides to))

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