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"Begin immediately. Everything is going according to plan."

Those words spoken by the reborn dark lord of the Sith, would begin a devastation that would rock this world for many generations to come, Dar Bodonawieedo would make sure this would happen. It felt strange as he walked across the cold metal board ramp onto what use to be lush green grass before the engines of the landing craft burnt everything away expect the soil. After becoming a dark lord himself, Dar found himself once again serving his former master, though this time he had much more freedom than he did as his apprentice because now Dar, in his own right, was now a Sith lord.

He still would have preferred to be the big boss of this new empire, but Virul was cheating with his new found immortality and his ability to inhabit the bodies of chosen slaves, a fate in Dar's mind, was worse than death. He would hate to loose control of his own body to a self-hating spirit bent on Galactic domination. He still had his plans to destroy the galaxy, and Virul's desire to conquer it would ruin everything.

Though unknown to Virul was that his days were numbered. As soon as Dar knew how to kill the dark lord and prevent his spirit from every becoming a problem, he would assume his role as emperor before using the funds of the Empire to turn this galaxy into a living nightmare for everyone who had the misfortune to ever exist afterward, that was of course if anyone was left to continue the reproduction system when his plans were complete. The next few years would definitely be interesting for him and this galaxy.

"Sir," A storm trooper approached "We have detected a village up north. We believe it holds a number of weapons barracks. Shall we attack?"

"Negative, your orders to invade the nearest city. You are going to blow your way through the walls with explosives, then your going to deal with the cities population. I hope your up for some mass murder trooper, cause everything that isn't wearing complete white is your target and deserves nothing more than the burning hot sensation of your blaster ammo. Do you understand?" Dar told the storm trooper, reminding him of the orders he'd received in the briefing before heading planet side."But I'll deal with this village. It'll hopefully quench my blood thirst."

The journey to the village only took ten minutes on foot, but as soon as he reached the entrance and made his way into the first street, he was confronted by representatives of the villages militia, though Dar could sense that the rest were hiding in the buildings, ready to ambush Dar the moment he gave them trouble. "Sith! We do not want your kind here! Leave now for face the consequences." The leader ordered as a guard on both sides of him powered their chains guns. Dar chuckled in response.

Dar quickly shot out his arms and powerful energy waves were unleashed upon the three militia, their bodies were sent flying backwards and this triggered the rest of the militia to open fire. Through force sight, Dar could tell to the right of him were half a dozen soldiers with repeater blasters, however on his left were just two snipers. Using the force, his threw his lightsaber towards one of the snipers, and then jumped through the window the second sniper would be using if he was going to take a shot. While his flying lightsaber sliced the head off the first sniper, Dar had the pleasure of breaking the seconds neck. With the snipers dead, Dar only had to worry about the riflemen across the road.

As he looked outside, careful not to get hit by the flying blaster fire, Dar noticed a speeder parked below him. Using the force, he lifted the speeder in the air, and as he did so, he shot lightening from his wrist and into the speeder, causing several malfunctions that, within ten seconds, cause a powerful explosion. Dar wickedly sent the speeder crashing into the building where the riflemen were firing from, and those not crushed by the speeder, were killed in the explosion caused when Dar electrified the speeder.

Once he was satisfied that the militia was dead, Dar jumped back onto the road and looked at the burning ruin of the house. He hoped these deaths and his use of the force would attract a certain individual to him, an old foe of his who he'd sensed the moment he entered the planet's orbit.

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