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(I guess I'll take control of Kalla's master then)
"We thought you'd have arrived already, and we were hoping to get the governor out before the New Empire arrived." Reyvan spoke up. "Their tactics are incredibly brutal. They've already taken out three militia, and are making their way to Mando'a." Kalla added. "We should attempt to make contact with Tiye Ordo in order form a better defense." Reyvan suggested. "I agree Master, but I sense something else here. Familiar, yet unfamiliar." Kalla pointed out. "Your uncle Dar is leading the Imperial forces. Your parents suspected he would rejoin the Sith after he escaped from prison." Reyvan explained. Kalla thought about this, as her mother didn't like to talk about her brother Dar. "Is that bad?" She asked. "Yes." Reyvan replied. "He is nothing like your mother, or your uncle Matu. He is a monster, in every sense of the word. He is a modern day General Grievous. All he cares about is destruction."

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