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Merios looked down at the ground, his feet were planted in a small, thin layer of dust on cracked, old dirt. He grasped his brown robe with either hand and pulled them together, taking a few steps forward and walking down a small beaten path. He was hidden behind a rather large boulder, but now he was walking out into the open, heading down a path towards a nearby city. Suddenly he stumbled a few feet, grasping his forehead with his right hand tightly.

"The Dark Side is strong here.. I have to tread lightly"

He pushed himself straight back up and began to walk forward, the sounds of battle becoming closer and closer. Screams began to echo in his head as he neared a small hut in the outskirts of this village. He could see clearly that there was now fighting ahead, but he couldn't tell who was attacking who. He just knew he couldn't give off his cover yet. He quickly shuffled to the hut and slid to the door, turning the knob slowly with his right hand. He pushed it open and was immediately greeted with the barrel of a blaster pistol on his forehead. He held up both hands.

"I'm not here to hurt you.."

The shadowy man hesitated then backed up into the light, dropping his pistol to his side. He was elderly and dirty- his clothes were an off-white color with splotches of dirt and grime dotting the cloth. Merios looked into his eyes. He saw pain, fear, anger- this man has seen a lot. He couldn't let him go without asking him questions first. Merios moved his left hand back and shut the door behind him, the muffled sounds of lasers seemed to grow quieter.

"Sir.. What is this place?"

"...This town.. It. It's A-"

A blaster shot drilled through the side of the hut, smacking into the left side of the man's head, burning a hole through the flesh and skull and sending him to the right, crashing to the ground. Merios quickly covered his mouth with his right hand and knelt down out of sight of the window. He heard muffled sounds of soldiers getting closer, speaking basic, obviously, but speaking in a rough, harsh tone.

"Go in, kill any survivors- make sure the old man is toast and report back."

A soldier in white began to walk towards the hut's front door. Merios quickly hid behind the door as it swung open, the Stormtrooper walking in and shutting the door behind him. Merios stepped forward and the Stormtrooper turned around, lifting his rifle. Merios looked into the helmet of the soldier and waved his right hand at waist level, concentrating on the Force.

"There's no one here, the old man's dead. I don't think we should clear the area."

The Stormtrooper stood there dumbfounded for a moment before he stepped out, opening the door and shutting it behind him. Merios heard some voices from outside as he ducked back down out of sight.

"There's no one here, sir. The old man's dead. I don't think we need to clear the area."

The Stormtroopers that were crowding around the scout nodded and began to walk away. Merios let out a heavy sigh and looked back to the old man's body. He stepped forward and knelt by the man's head, swiping his right hand over his eyes, closing them.

"May the Force be with you..."

He stood up and flattened up against the side of the hut, inching towards the window. Merios leaned over and peeked outside. A single Stormtrooper was peeking inside the window inches away from Merios. The soldier gave out a grunt as he was pulled through the window by the helmet. Merios opened his robe and opened his palm, his light saber floating to his hand and he positioned the light saber hilt in an inverted position, igniting the blade and kneeling down by the Stormtrooper's body, putting the blade near the soldier's neckline.

"Say anything and you're dead. You hear me?"

"I hear you.... Jedi... But don't think for a second the others won't try and find me.."

The Stormtrooper's voice was filled with hate- Merios realized this soldier wouldn't give up easy. He deactivated his light saber and slid it back into it's clip. He thrusted his right palm towards the Stormtrooper's face, stopping about a foot away. He utilized the Force to send out a wave of energy, knocking the man out with a Push. He stood up and walked towards the door. He couldn't stay hidden for long, and he knew it. The Stormtrooper was speaking the truth- sooner or later they would come looking for him. He had to fight his way to safety- even if it meant killing.
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