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(No, steven's also posted. Corinthian and Cyborg Ninja are also in it, but they have yet to post)
"Their force is smaller than usual, it suggests that they're not intending to take hold of the planet." Kalla suggested, avoiding mention of her uncle. She would have to discuss him with her mother as soon as possible. "We await your arrival."

"Lord Bodonawieedo, your forces arrived prematurely, and the Governor is not here. Change of plans: intercept her ship, take her alive, and return to Bastion immediately." Virul's voice told Dar on the comm. "You can only destroy so much with senseless slaughter." He then turned around to see Tyrannus. "Old 'friend', you are a fool to think he has power over me. Nothing stands in my way, not even death. I suppose you haven't seen this body of mine before. I particularly like it, but I'll have to claim a new one soon. Perhaps yours?" He replied, showing that he changed in both body and mind, more cunning, and less senseless in his brutality. "To make your strength my own would unite the New Empire and the Rashikians, and lay waste to the Republic. I would become the undisputed ruler of this galaxy. Not even the Blood King himself would oppose me."

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