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An emergency holocomm transmission had been bounced across the stars from various holonet relays, finally ending up here, the President's private holocenter, a handful of minutes after transmitting.

A handful of members of President Tilthis' staff watched, a mixture of disgust, horror, and rage flitting across their faces in turn.

The image was blurry, but unmistakable, one of dozens that had been transmitted in the packet. Stormtroopers pouring into a building, coldly killing everyone within blaster range with precision fire.

"This doesn't make any sense. What could the Empire possibly gain by wholesale slaughtering these people?" She blinked, her large eyes trying to comprehend the reasoning for it. She'd fought in battles, but this was ludicrous, murder for the sake of murder. None of her surrounding advisors had any response.

"What forces do we have close enough to make any difference?" She was desperate to do something.

General Keran Doth, Director of Republic Intelligence, spoke up. "Valmar's Commandos are within striking distance. I estimate that if they push their hyperdrive, they could get to the planet within the hour. However, a ten man unit, no matter how skilled, cannot turn back an invasion of this magnitude. The closest Task Force is Task Force Ion, in the Auriga system, which is at least six hours away, assuming optimal hyperdrive performance."

Task Force Ion was a powerful force, probably more than enough to drive off the Imperial attack, but would it get there in time to make any difference? The Imperials weren't going for an occupation, they were simply purging the populace. A Base Delta Zero attack would do it much more quickly and efficiently, though...

"Send the override-and-redirect order to the Commandos. Transmit all tactical information we have on the system, and get me the commander of Task Force Ion, now!"

Her advisors and aides scattered to do her orders.

Let's just hope we won't all be too late. She pulled up the information on Amshrey, hoping to find what the Imperials were hunting for.

* * * * *

"Thirty seconds, boss!"

Kadis nodded and lay down a hail of fire, catching a Stormtrooper under the chin and blowing him backwards, his head a charred ruin.

The Commandos had been deployed to a small moon on the edges of Imperial Space, where, according to rumor, the Empire was developing some kind of Droid Super-Soldier or something like that.

Turns out it was little more than a badly set-up ambush.

The wall behind Kadis exploded inwards, cutting them an escape route. Kadis stayed behind his cover of downed Stormtroopers as the members of his squad ran, hobbled, or were carried through the breach. Their tenth man, Janeris, was sitting outside the hole with a small speeder.

"Boss, hurry up!"

Kadis jumped through the gap, tossing a pair of frag grenades down to cover his exit, then bolted as the nine-man group piled into a speeder designed for four. He pulled himself into the cargo compartment and laid down suppressing fire at the two likely points for Stormtrooper pursuit.

Nothing. Figures, the bucketheads never did have much of a clue. They'd be at the canyon where they'd concealed their shuttlecraft within a minute or so.

"Boss, getting a relay from the Shuttle. It's Maren."

Maren was the Commando's pilot. Not really a member of the group, since she only accompanied them in their shuttle, but sort of an unofficial eleventh.

"What can I do for you this fine evening, Eleven?"

"Evening, One. We've got an emergency abort-and-redirect from Coruscant. I've been trying to get you for nearly fifteen minutes."

"Tell Coruscant that we don't need to abort, the job's done. Get the med capsules ready, Jurgen took a hit and I think Ceynus has damaged ribs."

Jurgen wasn't talking, but the Barabel woman gritted her teeth and shook her head. "I am well."

"Ceynus isn't being cooperative about her injuries?"

"As usual. Where are we headed?"

"Little place called Amshrey, Boss."

"Huh. Never heard of it."
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