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A tall dark figure stood looming over a large holoimage. General Wrath as he preferred was studying what exactly had just happened. He had been given orders to kill anyone in the nearest city of Lord Bodanawieedo’s position. The rodian sith lord had been granted the task of kidnapping the Governor of Avalon something Lord Wrath himself would have wanted to do. Not only was Wrath qualified but his appearance was the equivalent to Death himself. His armor was a dark black and his helmet covered his entire face giving him some extra bulk. His saber was personally given to him by lord Virul when he was in some being’s body. The blade was black like his armor but had a slight white glow to it giving it an eerie look. Wrath deactivated the holoimage and exited the room; he made a sharp right followed by another sharp right and saw Lord Virul in a new body and Tyrannus. Wrath bowed got down on one knee and bowed the two without saying a word. He listened in on the conversation and was very interested when Lord Virul hinted at Bodanawieedo’s untrustworthy manner. Wrath kept his head down and chose his next words carefully.

“My great and powerful lord, I did not mean to interrupt but I could not help over hearing the situation with Lord Bodanawieedo. If you do not trust him Lord Virul who is to say he will get the Governor the way you want. I can get you the Governor of Avalon with ease and bring her back alive and well… or if you prefer to keep Lord Bodanawieedo on that job than perhaps I can send a few of my Shadowtroopers to make sure she comes back safely and while they do that I find a body worthy of your greatness.”

Wrath did not move his head up while he spoke nor did he get up from bowing. The armored general would have preferred to kidnap the governor himself but if granted the task of finding a new body he would do so to the best of his abilities. After all Wrath had not failed Lord Virul yet nor had he planned to anytime soon.
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