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"You are a fool to think that you would oppose the true master of darkness," Tyrannus replied, "He made you as he did me and he does not share power." Tyrannus had a growl to his voice. The years had not been kind to it but that was the price for ridding Avalon of the taint that runs strong. "If you think your new body is of consequence, it isn't. He will have you first."
He stopped when Wrath spoke and listened to the plan. When he was finished he said, "You are even a bigger fool than I imagine. Going after the governor will only cause our destruction. She will be well guarded and if I am not mistaken by the taint of my people. He will be watching."

Matton landed the ship with better precision than a precision scope on a Mandalorian rifle. He sat back and gave a cocky grin that clearly said, "How do you like that Sister?"
Jun-la said nothing but gave a slight smile and stood up. She was just outside the cockpit when she said, "You better have all your weapons." She then proceeded to the main hold where Tulre, Tonatius and her apprentice were waiting.
She recalled that Master Komad had asked her to teach his son. Then war happened and he still asked her to. She did but she taught him the same way she was taught. It seemed to be working but she wasn't always quite sure. She then said, They are expecting us. We should go."
Andros followed her and was followed by the other three. She would have told the astromech to stay and a rather strange droid accompanied them. She and Tulre knew what it was but they preferred not to say. It followed them until they met Kalla with her master at the foot of the ramp. She said, "Your training may be lacking," referring to Kalla's pair training with her father, "but you have good senses. I sense we are not alone here. We must get to the rendevouz and meet my father." As an after though she asked, "How is your family?"

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