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Merios quickened his pace as he stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire. There were two sides to this battle- it sure seemed like one. Seven Stormtroopers on his left and around five or six humans on his right hiding behind structures. He shed his brown robe, dropping it to the ground. He quickly withdrew his light saber and flipped it backwards on his wrist, holding it inverted behind his back. He pushed off the ground with a mighty leap, launching himself a good 20 feet into the air before soaring back down to the Earth. He couldn't let these humans be slaughtered if he could do anything about it.

He landed on the shoulders of a Stormtrooper, sending it to the ground with a crippling power. He pushed off of it's shoulders and ignited his light saber, a thick blue line of light emitting from the hilt behind his back. He launched himself forward in a dive, attracting the attention of the troopers around him.

"JEDI! Don't let him escape!"

A hail of gunfire emitted from the crowd of Stormtroopers, all concentrated at Merios. He spun in place, expertly twirling his light saber, leaving bright blue trails of light. It was strange- his form, his style. It was as if the moves he made were manufactured; it was so precise. He was spinning the saber upside down in front and behind his body from an inverted holding position. He charged towards a nearby Stormtrooper, skidding and sliding to the side of him, holding the saber sideways and making a direct cut through his torso. He spun in place and turned towards the other soldiers. He lifted his left palm and focused, sending out a burst of energy, pushing four Stormtroopers a few feet away, smacking into the ground hard. He jumped into the air once more, dashing mid-air towards one of the last two standing troopers. The blaster fire around him began to dwindle as there were only two rifles aimed at him at the moment. He landed behind the trooper and flatted up against his back as the other soldier unloaded a barrage of laser fire into the helpless trooper. After the blaster fire ceased and the hostage trooper fell, Merios pushed himself backwards and flipped in air, landing behind the attacking soldier.

The enemy turned around and fired a blaster shot at Merios. He lifted his light saber and twirled it in front of him strangely, deflecting the shot right back at the soldier, burning a hole through it's chest, sending him to the ground. The Jedi deactivated his light saber and slid it back into it's clip, opening his palm towards the four soldiers were where moving to stand back up. A burst of energy surged through his body as lightning arced across his finger tips and finally exploding out of his hand into the downed Stormtroopers, electrocuting them thoroughly before letting off, dropping them back down with smoke rising off of their charred armor.

"You.. You saved our lives.."

Merios looked towards the civilians he just saved.

"Run. Hide. There will be more."

He walked over to his robe and picked it up with his right hand, draping it over his olive and tan colored garb. He slid his arms into the sleeves and drew it over his body, flipping the hood up and beginning to jog past the downed troopers, attempting to blend in with a small crowd of fleeing citizens.
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