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"Alright, gents, here's the situation."

The nine active members of the Katarn Commandos were piled together in the back of their small shuttlecraft, with Jurgen a few feet away, floating in a bacta tank, the black and red crater in his chest still clearly visible. He'd survive, but he'd be down for the next few days.

That, unfortunately, left the Commandos without a medic. Ironic, really.

"A few hours ago, Imperial forces launched an attack on the Avalon System, specifically the system's outermost inhabited world, Amshrey. It was an all-out blitz attack, no effort at pacification, just massacre. Amshrey's defenses are in shambles as far as we can tell."

The Commandos digested the information, grim looks on their faces.

"Given that the Imps didn't drop a Base-Delta-Zero on the planet as soon as they made orbit, we have to assume that they're not just here for carnage's sake. They're here for a reason, and it's a safe bet that reason isn't natural resources. There's an object or a person somewhere on this world that the Imps want. Our job is to find out what that is and make sure that they don't get it."

"Eh...Boss, that's a little unreasonable odds. Us against an Imperial planetary invasion force?"

Kadis grinned. "Yeah, it does seem a little unfair, doesn't it? I suppose we should probably all shoot left-handed."

A few nervous chuckles came at that.

"We'll be doing a standard Overt Insertion."

He flipped on a holopad, displaying an image of a valley not far from the main metropolitan center on Amshrey.

"We'll set down here. If the new Sensor/Heat Stealth the techs installed on this works right, Maren should be able to set us down without any trouble. Navarra, take up a covering position on this ridge." He tapped the indicated ridge. "Ceynus, you've got point until we reach the city. Shayloh, as soon as we set down, get your comm gear online and see if the Imps are using any broken codes. They might let slip what we're looking for."

"Got it, sir." The Bothan nodded.

"Skeven, you're advance recon on this one. Try to get into the city, and make sure you've got your comlink on the right frequency this time."

"That only happened the one time, Boss." Skeven grinned.

"I don't have any special orders for the rest of you. After we make the city, I'll take point position. Keep your heads down, watch each other's back, and shoot straight, and we'll all make it back alive. Lock and load."

Power cells were slammed into blasters and vibroblades, scopes were checked, grenades were strapped on, and various tools were double-checked.

Maren's voice cut in. "We make realspace in thirty seconds. Brace for impact."

The shuttle jumped out of hyperspace with a gut-wrenching lurch. Kadis stood up and moved into the cockpit behind Maren.

"Shouldn't you be with your men, Captain?" She commented.

"Just curious. What've we got?"

"An entire bungworth of Imp Ships, sir. They haven't seen us, yet. If we don't get TIEs on our tail, I estimate a clean drop within four minutes."

"Alright, you heard the lady! Four minutes!" He stepped back into the cabin, readying his carbine.

It was a surprisingly clean insertion, one of the few times everything went according to plan, apparently not even noticed during their entry into the atmosphere, judging by the lack of TIE strafing runs.

"This is Sharp. I'm in position." Navarra's voice came through the comlink.

"Roger that, Sharp. Hold position until we're in standard tactical spread, then move to Position Beta. When we reach one kilometer, link up with the rest of us."

"Copy that."

The squad was then on the move, the Barabel leading them with Kadis immediately behind and to the left.

"No sign of contact in the area, but Imperial chatter is heavy. The decrypt module is going to take a while before we get anything, either." Shayloh sounded annoyed. She hated that.

The city loomed before them. "Mando'a. Who names a city after a language, anyway?" He peered through his macrobinoculars, peripherally aware of Sharp moving to join the rest of the squad. She dropped down beside him, peering through the scope of her blaster rifle.


A lot of Stormies were visible. The carnage was pretty evident, collapsed building, blaster holes, and corpses. A lot of corpses.

"Looks like we set down behind the main party. Alright, Katarns, move in. Five meter spread, no sound. Sharp, you've got rearguard." He hopped over the small ridge and readied his rifle, glad that Republic Munitions knew how to make camo. That would be a useful edge against the vibrantly bright Stormtroopers.
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