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(Andorra and her mother are on the transport with the Starlighters, Tonatius, Matton, and Kalla's brother)

"To be honest, I'm worried about my father. Ever since Virul showed up, he's been obsessing over how to 'defeat him permanently', whatever he means by that." Kalla replied. "And what do you know about my uncle Dar?"

"If we succeed in kidnapping her, then we can destroy Avalon from within. A clawdite is unnecessary and untrustworthy, when I can easily claim her body myself. However, she wouldn't retain any crucial knowledge of Avalon and the Republic. We will need another method to get that. And yes, Wrath, take care of retrieving the governor, and make sure Dar and his forces pull out. Kill him if you must." Virul replied.

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