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A twisted smiled formed on Wrath's face from under his helmet.

"Yes Lord Virul, I will contact you when I am on my way back with the governor."

Wrath rose to his feet and exited the room heading towards his own. He entered the room and grabbed his saber, Black Death. He exited his room as quickly went to the nearest officer he could find.

"Get me to the governor's cruiser as quickly as possible officer." Wrath barked.

The officer nodded and led Wrath to a small fighter and hopped in. Wrath got into the co-pilot's seat and the fighter took off. It would be a few hours before getting near Aztlan which gave Wrath enough time to get some sleep.

"Wake me when we near the cruiser," Wrath said as he shut his eyes.

Finally it was Wrath's time to shine, to have everyone know it was he who kidnapped the Governor of Aztlan and brought the Republic to their knees. It was in that brief second of peace that Wrath remembered Dar Bodanawieedo was still after the governor as well. Wrath quickly picked up his comlink and called the rodian.

"Lord Bodanawieedo there has been a change in plans, there are reports of a jedi around your location. You are to find and kill the jedi."

Wrath put the comlink down; was there really a jedi there? Wrath had no idea but it was the only thing he could think of to stop the rodian from doing his job. Wrath had to get some sleep though, he wanted to look his best for his date with the governor tonight. Wrath chuckled at this thought and closed his eyes.

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