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The group of civilians he was traveling with dispersed, leaving him by himself near the entrance to a rather large town. There was a young woman nearby, crouching to herself, shivering. He slowly made his way towards her. She was near a broken wall of what used to be some type of gate booth. He put his right hand on her left shoulder. She spun around, her lekku sliding out of the back of her robe. A Twi'lek. The look on her pale green face was terrible- she was so scared.


"Get away from me!"

She began to run away, but Merios put his right hand on her right wrist, clutching gently, stopping her in her tracks. She turned towards him.

"Please, I only want to ask you a few questions."

She looked at him with a puzzled, yet angry look.

"Questions?! Don't you see what's going on here? We're under attack!"

Merios turned her towards him and let go, sighing a little bit, softening his eyes

"What town is this?"

He lifted his right hand to jab in the direction of the destroyed entrance that lead to a rather large city.


She said that hesitantly, then turned away and glanced back to Merios for a moment.

"I.. I have to go."

Merios nodded and the woman gave him a worried look before turning away and running off in the opposite direction of the town. He sighed and looked at the city, watching smoke plumes rise in the distance. He was almost thrown to the ground by a low-flying transport ship- it didn't look Imperial. He knew cavalry had arrived. He shook his head. He didn't need to get involved in this! He just needed fuel and transportation. But any opportunity to save lives is an opportunity best not wasted.

He began to walk casually into the city, his outer robes concealing his inner Jedi garments as well as shadowing his face and covering his utility belt containing his saber. He couldn't risk someone knowing that he was a Force user- not yet, anyway. The battlefield was at least four blocks away and he quickly ran to the side of the street, moving into an alleyway and flattening up against the steel of the building. He peered around the corner- a group of Stormtroopers were advancing on his position- far too many to take on by himself without some kind of help or distraction. He could probably escape, but that wouldn't solve anything.

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