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Initial insertion went off without a hitch. They moved from building to building within the city, Sharp covering them from a rooftop.

Shayloh stepped up alongside Kadis and whispered in his ear, "Got communications on an Imperial band, sir. Can't decrypt, but they're low-frequency low-power, so they can't be too far off."

Kadis nodded and keyed on his comlink. "Sharp, we've got contacts on Imp Bands. See anything?"

"Copy, sir. North minus fifteen degrees. I count twelve. Looks like a standard Stormie Patrol."

"Acknowledged. Katarns, get into position."

The Katarns moved into various cover positions, crawling to opposite side of the streets hidden from sight by wreckage or taking cover behind broken pillars.

"Take take take!"

He twisted around the corner just as Sharp's first shot nearly took the Sergeant's head off and opened fire with his carbine, seeing the Stormtroopers dive for cover and lay down fire of their own, with only three casualties in the ambush. The odds were even.

Numerically, anyway.
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