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(@Cyborg Ninja: The governor is not on Aztlan, that's only where her adopted daughter is from. She's on a transport en route to Amshrey.
@Xbx: Was he addressing Kalla? She could easily be mistaken for a Twi'lek, and she does have a touch of green in her skintone. Aside from her, I doubt there'd be many Twi'leks on Amshrey.)
After boarding the ship, Kalla started a conversation with Tonatius Iazoki. Two years earlier, she had expressed feelings for him which he did not share for her. Despite this, they still remained good friends. "Is that your mother's cousin with the governor over there? I've noticed her glancing at me whenever she thinks I'm not looking. Is she, um, like my father and I, in that sense?" She asked him, doubting she'd get a clear answer from him. Sure, Tonatius was a good-looking guy, but he could be cryptic as hell sometimes.

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