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((Actually Tsy only Andros Starlighter is on the transport with her. The others are meeting them))

"To destroy from within you must kill the heart and she is not the heart," Tyrannus replied. "She wouldn't let your pathetic being in." He was surprised that the master would even tolerate this pathetic fool who had no understanding of what was at stake.

Tulre said, "Your father's obsession will hinder him. Two must be one. He aims to stand alone. A not good combination."
Jun-la looked sadly at Kalla and said, "Whispers on the windspoke of your uncle," indicating that Avalonian spies found it out, more likely paying for it with their lives. She led the way to the rendevouz outside of Mando'a. It was a last minute change but her father and Tiye thought it best.
Tonatius was curious about Amshrey. He had read of the stories regarding the Mandalorian who allied with Kirabaros and learned that the people there had their blood. He was walking beside Kalla while Jun-la was leading the way with Matton. They had stopped just short of the transport where he could make out Master Starlighter and the lady governor with her adopted daughter, his mother's cousin. The thought had him thinking about how his mother was faring with his brother on the water world. He was diverted back to Kalla questioning him about his mother's cousin. He answered, "She is what she is. She feels what she feels." It was cryptic yes but if Andorra wanted to show her feelings, she should come out and say it.

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