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"Oh is that so Lord Wraith?" Asked Dar as he made his first into the city, watching with delight as the buildings crumbled and the citizens fell to the floor at the hands of his storm trooper army. It was truly a glorious site, and the feeling of death was magnificent. It had truly been a long time since he was so fortune to feel such carnage. He truly missed it the ocean of fear and sorrow that swept through the streets of this innocent city.

"I'm not sure if you have noticed but if you look deep into the force you'd find that the lovely governess isn't among the people, the attack here is only to spread more of a message," Dar informed the other Sith before pausing to use the force to grip a fleeing civilian before throwing him towards a far away building. Dar smiled as he watched the body hit the wall and fall to the floor. "But my flagship is an customized Interdictor cruiser, equipped with gravity wells and a large hanger. As soon as she arrived, my ship will active the gravity well and my bombers will bring it offline with their ion-cannons. Once that is done, I want you to supervise one of the Star Destroyers operation to bring it aboard their ship via tractor beam. Once we have her we'll leave, but in case she escapes, we'll need a ransom for her to return and her beloved city is more than enough to do that."

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