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Wrath woke suddenly to Lord Bodanawieedo's response. The sith lord wasn't pleased with what Wrath had told him and brought up a valid point.

"I'm sorry Lord Bodanawieedo but that order came directly from Lord Virul and they must be follow. You and your men are to pull out at once, besides there's no fun in your plan." Wrath's small fighter continued on its course getting closer and closer by the second. "However I'll see what Lord Virul thinks of your plan."

Wrath contacted Lord Virul through the force as he put his comlink down.

"Lord Virul, Lord Bodanawieedo wishes to capture the ship with his larger ship however I don't see the fear striking part in that only a cowardly move. I would prefer to infiltrate that ship and get her myself; what do you feel is the appropriate move?"

Wrath would wait for his lord to respond before calling Lord Bodanawieedo back up. He looked over at the coordinates of the governors ship, they would be there within the hour. Wrath hoped Lord Virul would contact him back soon otherwise the armored sith would have to improvise on a plan.
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