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(Oh. It would be best to describe the situation a little better- I had no idea where your commandos were from your post.)

Merios peeked around the corner and watched as a hail of gunfire ripped through the small engagement of Stormtroopers, tearing three of them down violently. He took this in stride. He opened his robe and slid it off, grasping his light saber and launching himself around the corner, sprinting hard and shouldering into one of the Stormtroopers, sending the soldier and himself a few feet forward in mid-air. He kicked off of the trooper's chest and back flipped, landing on one knee and igniting his saber in a backhand position in his right hand. He pulled himself to his feet and quickly jumped straight up, watching a single Stormtrooper follow his movements with his rifle and pop off a few shots. Merios twirled his saber in mid air and propel himself towards two of the soldiers. A wicked scream escaped from his throat as he slammed into the concrete, plunging his saber into the ground and sending out a Force shockwave, knocking a good four soldiers to the ground and sending the two troopers he landed next to flying a good 15 feet in the air, smashing into obstacles.

He slowly stood back up, twirling the saber with a flash of light, deflecting a few shots. He noticed there were men who were helping- but it was confusing. He retreated a few feet and held out his left hand forward, his right hand still skillfully twirling the blue light saber left and right, back and forth, up and down deflecting shots from either side. The four Stormtroopers on the ground slowly began to rise. Their legs flailing and their arms and hands reaching out for nothing as their bodies floated above helplessly. He could hear frightened screams as he lifted them higher. He closed his eyes and concentrated, lifting his left hand up and bringing it down quickly towards the remaining three standing Stormtroopers, propelling the four helpless enemies barreling towards the soldiers at a terrifying velocity.

Their bodies collided and twisted together as the mass of bodies smashed and rolled into a wall. With that kind of force, it was unsure whether they survived that kind of onslaught. Merios turned towards the other soldiers who had originally began to ambush on the Stormtroopers. He lifted his saber horizontally in front of him, facing the commandos. He panted a little bit, sweat beading off his forehead.

"Friend or Foe?!"

He yelled those words at the top of his lungs- a rough, raspy yet soothing voice of a Jedi. Though, they carried the weight of dignity and respect, no one could tell that he was a fallen Jedi- at least, not immediately.
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