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There weren't very many things that could surprise Kadis. Turns out, Jedi leaping out of nowhere was still one of them. He focused his fire away from the Jedi, doing his best to cover him as he ripped through the Stormtroopers like a scythe through wheat.

It was only a matter of time before the stormtroopers were completely decimated, caught between a crack unit and a Jedi cutting loose. Kadis smirked as the last of the Stormtroopers were finished off.

"Friend or foe!?" The Jedi shouted at them. Not surprising. Rule of thumb is never to trust an unknown in a warzone.

"Katarns, stand down and take up defensive positions. We're Republic Commandos, Jedi." He grinned, glad to see someone else around. "We weren't aware of any Jedi presence here. Are you alright?" He stood up, ready to retake cover at a moment's notice. "Captain Valmar, commander of this unit." He tapped his chest, indicating himself.
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