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Burnseyy's Poetry

Finally, the creative trio is complete! Art, prose and poetry. Aren't you all glad?

That's rhetorical, don't answer...

Anyway, I decided to just do my own poetry thread, and put a few of my favourite poems in. Here are a couple now:

Nostalgic Tear

The frost evaporates
Into a heated hate.
The limp hand surrenders,
To a non-deserving fate.

Ice is piercing the hearts
Of those who discovered
The body, stiff and broken.
Of all things to be uncovered.

A front paged story
Causing minds to race with fear.
"What has become of society?"
Followed by one nostalgic tear.


This one's about a news article I read about a dinner lady being found dead in a school freezer. It was just so disgusting and vile, I had to write something about it.

Take Me Away

I can hear her screaming out,
Dancing, jumping, crashing - shouts.
Music blaring, she's in tune to it's lure,
Roars erupting like stormy shores.

And then she falls silent,
With the clouds of night hiding the crest.
The music dies and then nothing,
As her body falls to rest.

I hear the pounds against the wall, hard,
With hazy pleas, her dreams shatter to shards.
The secrets - she tells them all to me,
Knowing her life more than she can see.

Truth is buried beneath these walls,
And the constant request bangs on:

When will they take me away?


This one's about listening to a crazed, anger problemed neighbour through the walls. It's completely invented... or is it?

So yeah, two of many. Hope you enjoyed.

"If God is a DJ, then life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm and you are the music."

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