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FINALLY, someone who understands. You, sir, are my hero. I tend to favor the AA and conc. rifle. The rocket I use when I'm bombarding an entrance. It's kinda crap otherwise, unless you lock on. I also prefer to avoid the heavy repeater when other weapons are availible. The firepower may be heavy, but you move to slow for it to be of any real use. The shotgun is just fun. ^_^

I try get everyone who calls me a noob to understand this: I'm not a noob. I'm using good weapons. Just because YOU don't use them doesn't mean I can't. If we win, YAY, we won. If we lose, either my team really sucks, or the other team is really good. I tend to look at the former (no offense).

So, I'm glad I met you. I love it when somebody sees sense. Auf Wiedersehen, gut Herr!
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