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Wrath formed an even larger smile on his face as he got Lord Virul's response and quickly brought up his comlink.

"Lord Bodanawieedo you are to pull that ship out at once or I'll kill everyone aboard it and rip it apart piece by piece, Wrath out." Wrath turned his comlink off and threw it away.

"My Lor.... General I have a visual of the Governor's ship" said the officer.

"Good, now take us above it"

The small fighter soared above the governor's ship as Wrath had ordered.

"When I get out you are to land on a nearby asteroid and wait for me to contact you" Wrath said as he picked up the comlink again and placed it on his side.

Wrath looked out at the ship ready to make the jump as the officer strapped himself in and put his helmet on. Wrath quickly opened the cockpit and jumped out closing it with his feet. Wrath glided through space heading directly for the cruiser. He turned to the right and tried to move away from the bride as to avoid being spotted. Fortunately for him his armor was black so it would be fairly hard to spot him and for that matter to even be looking for him out in space.

9 8 7 6....5 4 3 2...Now Wrath thought in his head as he approached the ship. He ignited his saber and jabbed it into the ship. He made a circle large enough for him to fit through and pushed down on it. He jumped down into the ship and lifted the circle he cut back into place, quickly sealing it up. He deactivated his saber and looked around hoping for some kind of clue. Wrath looked down the hall and saw a girl walk by making Wrath rather curious.

A girl on the governor's ship? How odd . Wrath thought to himself.

Wrath moved down the hall quietly and made a left in the direction the girl was walking away from. He moved down the hall and looked around, the governor was close he could sense it. He continued down the hall and stopped seeing a guard outside a door. Inside the room was not the governor but her bed and a closet, the perfect hiding place for Wrath. Wrath quickly looked around and ripped off a small chunk of wall and threw it down the hall. As the guard went to go check it out Wrath moved past him and to the door. He went into the room and shut the door exactly how he had found it, now all he had to do was wait.

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