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Wow, you got that first poem by reading a newspaper article? Once I read what it was about it made total sense.

I find both to be good, though I think the second is slightly better. I am not really a poet either, though I can certainly appreciate these. I can see why you wrote about the lady in the freezer - what a horrible way to die. Both do a good job of adressing the subjects while still flowing smoothly. I read them outloud.

They were sad true, but I actually enjoy sad poetry. You definatly have a knack for this, Burnseyy. I have written poetry just for...shall we say for $h!ts and giggles (meaning just to write it cause I feel like it, not because I'm any good - its just a saying from where I'm from )

Good work Burnseyy, I'm interested to see if your happy poems are as good as you sad ones.


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