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*In a luxuriously-furnished cabin of living quarters, a young Avalonian girl rests...*

Andorra Evenstar was asleep, yes, and dreaming, but that didn't mean her dreams were peaceful ones. She saw the galaxy swirling around her, spinning out of control as endless fleets of starships and fighter vessels threatened to choke it to death with their streams of exhaust and fuel emissions. She was dreaming of war, and this war was not bound by time or space. It was eternal, and as much as Andorra hated war, she had never even thought to consider a war that truly was not--one without cause, one without end.

"Mother?", she called out softly in her slumber, not even realizing she was asleep. She thrashed around once, making a jumble out of her bedclothes and sweating a bit, but soon the war-imbued nightmare consumed her consciousness fully and she lay still. Did she even sense her mother was in danger, or at least could be at the moment? No. Even the fabled "Evenstar intuition", renowned amongst the denizens of the galaxy, could not rouse Andorra from a too-long sleep, utterly fueled by physical and mental exhaustion.
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