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((Been a bit behind since I couldn't find a free wifii in Denver :P Anyway, Cyborg, Andorra's adopted mother is not the Governor of Aztlan. She is the Lady Governor of Avalon. While she rules Avalon she also rules the system. Unite them in just cause. Plus they are on board a vessel.

Alkonium, even a remote chance works. The Force works as it wills ))

"Looking for someone, Intruder?" Andros' soft voice became dangerous as he came upon the unidenified person. His eyes were like flashing emeralds, gold flecks dancing near the pupils.

"We all reflect our creator. All shapes. All sizes," Tonatius replied as he looked up at the sky. He had recently begun to learn to stargaze and he was practicing.

Andros replied, "I haven't really spoken with her. Training."
Jun-la continued, "Some of our missions have kept us out of contact for months. I have tried to give reports and messages whenever I could."

"Virul, you may think that kidnapping will make ends meet but they won't. Bushida is the code followed and they would rather die than allow secrets revealled," Tyrannus growled. The supposed immortal was such a fool. To know the enemy gave a means to defeat it. This was lack of knowledge. "Besides the taint will be watching and more likely will have found the intruder before he even gets past the first bulkhead."

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