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Thanks all you lovely commenters. There's nothing I like more than knowing people like what I'm writing.

The frame around the white
Is blocking out my strife...
Or so I wish it had, once I walked.

My hand placed delicately
Upon her head, which is readily
Sleeping away.

Come now, stop smiling in that
Half-hearted way,
In that half alive state.

Doctor, why won't she wake?
Please, god, please... tell me why won't she speak?

Dreams never spoke to me
As they do to her.
As her fair skin shivers
Her heart is hurt.
Yet the lips... curve upwards.

Won't you jolt up and shout "April fool"?
Why would you...? It's
Maybe that knock to your head confused you.

What ever the excuse, my darling,
Come back soon.
There are open arms, warm and true
Waiting for the returning of you.

But until then, I guess tears will...

To do.


Yeah, I know, this one's really 'depressing' but this one is from my mums point of view. I was out of it for four days once, after I smacked my head. All very dramatic, I know. Just saying what it must've been like from my parents point of view.

Part Time Angel
I guess you could say I had one,
And I was looked after, plenty.
I had self-assurance and was full of aspiration,
But everyone's words, since, have been empty.

So now I'm working part time as a guardian,
Looking out for everyone but myself.
And as their smiles glow, my tears grow,
But nobody knows they're harming my health.

Undeniable guilt presses on weaving strands
Of concocted lies and desperate hands.
Ushering myself on to aid them all,
Will always be my greateast downfall.

I'll always be that saint,
Unnoticed and untouched by selfish souls.
As I carry my ball and chain through the ever expanding corridors
Of misery and shame.

Can any knowledgable person say I'm to blame?


Right, I'll admit something. I have barely any happy poems. But what's the use in writing about emotions when you're too busy having a good time?! That's my excuse. Anywho this ones about guilt, how I feel the need to help people, but don't help myself half the time.

Hope you enjoyed. :]
I think I'll post two poems a day. I've gotten into that pattern now.

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