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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
You are correct that no other leaders have yet been previously established at that point in time, which is because no EU source has until now directly shown the formation of the Rebellion in the way that TFU did. Either way, there's no reason they couldn't make some more leaders. Simply having Mothma, Bail, Leia (hologram), Iblis, Starkiller, and Kota being the only ones standing at the table during the meeting on Corellia doesn't look right at all.

Having just three major leaders simply isn't enough, especially with the ridiculous division of labor that Bail puts out (Mon Mothma will magically conjure up some soldiers, and Iblis will conjure a fleet. It's that simple!). If they had a few more leaders (even if they had only a few background details) it would've been fine.
True, though if i recall the mentions of the founders seemed to imply that those three were the only ones (don't quote me on that though ). Besides that, Mon Mothma is supposed to be the one with lots of connections in the Senate and elsewhere, Bail being rich is pretty straightforward, and I'm pretty sure Bel Iblis already has ships (and obviously some soldiers), possibly in secret. Plus whatever remnants Kota still had.

That may at least be some of the reasoning behind having no other founders anyway...I suppose they could've thrown in Rieekan or something alongside Bail.

People probably didn't mention it because the dark side ending is not meant to be canon, therefore it doesn't have anything to do with retcons. That said, it was still the most kickbutt dark side ending ever.

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