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Sorry I have not posted Burnseyy. The past week or so has been ... tiring ... I guess you could say. Not one of my most favorite weeks of the year but oh well.

Now, back to topic.

I like what you have hear. They are, quite impressive in the way where you can express something so tragic and deep, and convey that through words and still let it loose none of its potency.

Thirteenth Day of the Second Month: This one reminded me of a funeral where the weather was nice enough to shine the sun down instead of rain. To me, it was - as said - at a funeral, but through the eyes of a very stoic person. Someone who realize just how sad the day is, but knowing the tomorrow will bring it something better, and that's something worth remembering.
... Now ... I may be completely off with that, and that piece may well represent something completely different, but that's what I think.

Part Time Angel is something that really hit home for me - as you might have already guessed it would. It was really well written and something that I re-red twice over after the first time I read it.

It seems we both have the same - head space - when it comes to poetry. I don't have that many "happy" poems, most of mine are as well more on the dark side of writing. I'm not really sure why.

Nice work Burnseyy, and I'm glad you've decided to post them.
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