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Double posting *le gasp*


I smile, tears glistening,
I smirk, knowing.
I can't help but laugh,
A moment of self doubt before I crash.

No one knows, and
This open isolation feels

Hiding behind doors,
Under the floor,
Looking around and knowing
No one understands.

Past, present, future,
Hurt, hurting, to be.
My own dirty little secret
And it's mine to think;
Mine to keep;
Mine, and not theirs.

A whole life,
The complexity blinding all around.
Misunderstanding, too slow and
They simply will not allow.

I'm a simple human being,
I'm uninteresting, I'm annoying.

Words, they said,
Words I repeat.
Those lies are incomplete.


This one is about... feeling insane. How lovely.

Frankenstein's Wife

He excelled in introspection,
An elite in the unsolvable arts,
Perfect, with one exception---
The ambition tore out his heart...
Or rather, mine.

A monstrosity at his right hand,
Woven by insanity and craft.
A distance, a break, these demands,
Brought forth an inhumane laugh.

This absence I was commanded,
I broke without fear,
Yet I soon comprehended,
Why he'd said to steer clear.

Blood, sweat and tears
Were the last words he wrote,
As his 'beautiful' creation adhered
To his misunderstood intetions,
And became a threat to hope.

Now, they say men are superior,
And I seldom doubted mine---
But what imbalancement must he have suffered,
To commit such a ludicrous crime?


I wrote this in Creative Writing enrichment. We had to pretend to be the wife of someone from fiction/myth/life (celebrities)... and I chose Frankenstein's wife. And for all you who don't know anything about Frankenstein... Frankenstein is the MAN, who created the monster. Thank you. Anyway, unless you've read the book/seen the film based on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, you won't get the humour (yeah right) in the first stanza.

There's two for today. Hope you enjoyed.

ps. Sorry to all who I haven't read their recent chapters. Poems are easier to write, than stories are to read, and time is difficult to come by.

"If God is a DJ, then life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm and you are the music."

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