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stuff i'd like to see:

1.after all this waiting, i want a GOOD STORY! as good or better than k1!

2.animations, animations, and MORE animations! i'd like to see uncountable, different animations in there. i find the same movements in dialogue again and again kinda boring. there should be special animations that are, only used once and the like. and especially in combat. each character having different fighting styles. y'know, keep it 'fresh'. imagine playing the game for ages and then seeing animations you havnt seen before? it would make battles so much better to watch.

3. i want to find out what happens to revan and exile. it would be great IMO if we saw characters from the previous games.

4.customizable ships! the ebon hawk was nearly totaled on malachor, and IMO instead of scrapping it, i'd like to build it! change it's look! as much customization as weapons in k2, maybe more! (imagine 'need for speed level' customization...) and maybe even get a different ship if you want, like zonama sekot ships! (if they are around back then) and meditation spheres.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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