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I see I've made people question "Secret" it IS a very vague poem, and could mean all manner of things, but the intention is what I described under it. The 'isolation' isn't literal, by the way, and the line "dirty little secret" holds pleeenty of information, hence the title "Secret." o0o0o.

@HOP: I hated the anthology poems, too! Well, the ones we got. I liked like one of them, and that was by a pretty weiiird poet. Maybe I'm just into weird poetry lol.

@Bee Hoon: don't you worry - I haven't done a handstand since!

@BFA: I typed BRA then instead of BFA lol. Anyway, the 'dirty little secret' is for me to know, and you to wonder.

Thank you all so much!

"If God is a DJ, then life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm and you are the music."

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