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Another double post. Gawd, I'm terrible.


I saw the clouds passing over,
covering yet another chapter of my life.
Hiding my past from my memory,
Letting me forget all that strife.

Time has passed, never to return,
Running away with every rain drop.
That 'convex surface' we studied, so,
Was it really worth it, writing about crops?

Those times we 'suffered',
We never really knew -
Those times were blissfully perfect,
Just with restrictions in what to do.

That embrace that occured,
The last of the last.
A tear breaks my defences;
My childhood has gone too fast.


This one's about being forced to grow up, and feeling like the immaturity and silliness that you held onto so dearly has just evaporated. I feel like I've been forced to grow up... which is probably why older people get along better with me than younger.

Bracelets and Prose

Classic times were those,
We spent, reciting prose
With laughter and phrases;
Rushing through life’s crazes.

That band you gave me -
With a smile to see -
It was black, white, intricate.
Was a godsend; a favourite.

Time wore it’s beauty,
As the strings hung, limply.
And the beads cried for attention,
Throughout the death-awaited tension.

The wrist is now, bare,
Hidden away from life’s impair.
Quiet, beaten;
With no hope to sweeten.

The classic times, alone,
We spent reciting prose.
But the laughter’s now faded
And we have ran out of pages.


Now this one is very close to my heart. It's about a friend I had, a while back, and we got along so well, it was like we were twins. Anyway, I think that it was the best friendship I'd ever had, because the person actually knew when I was upset, and knew my reactions, and the same with me for them. Anyway, they drifted away, and it was probably the most horribly long lasting loss I've ever had. Usually, people just go and thats that, but with this person, they didn't.

Ahh, happy days.

"If God is a DJ, then life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm and you are the music."

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