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Building Blocks of Life

I could build a man from timber,
And he would be precise,
But the romance would surely set alight,
When we figured that we weren't alike.

I could build a man from concrete,
And I would build him strong and tall,
As if I'd make him small!
Yet the romance would tumble,
When he never answered my calls.

I could build a man from heart and soul,
And I would love him for all to see,
Yet that man could never exist,
Because the idea came from me.


This is about how people (like me) have suuuch high standards in guys, they won't stand for someone unless they're absolutely ideally perfect... but that person will never exist, because as long as there's something wrong with me, it's impossible. It's kind of a good poem... telling people to stoppp being so high standardish.


I uttered words in confidence,
And hoped for you to comprehend:
"Can't cope right now, I'm breaking down,"
What delusion do you think I intend?

Did nodding and uttering poetry
Get you what you had craved all along?
Did kissing my lips and holding me still,
Make the man inside you feel strong?

Tears are exploding, tearing down my cheeks,
Whilst thoughts race wildly, wondering what everyone seeks;
I cannot control the fire spreading within my mind;
Brace yourself, stand far away, unless you know what to find.


This one is about not being able to cope with simple things in life, suspecting everyone, and needing everyone to stay away because it only causes harm... even if the things they do/say are harmless. Whey!

"If God is a DJ, then life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm and you are the music."

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